Teach on Your Schedule

Earn extra income. Enjoy extraordinary flexibility.


Benefits of Being a BookNook Tutor

Boost your income

Tutoring with BookNook lets you supplement your income while making a real impact on students’ lives. Tutors earn $18-20/hour with potential for program-by-program bonuses, and typically work between 1.5 and 10 hours a week—no minimum hours required.

Set your schedule

BookNook’s partnerships around the country—with Los Angeles Unified, Texas Education Agency, Detroit Public Schools, and many more—provide meaningful work for our tutors. Each district program is 8-16 weeks with breaks in between. You pick the ones that work for you.

Flex your hours

Once you’re contracted to tutor forBookNook, you get to choose how much you work: sign up for one or more 8–16-week tutoring opportunities, take a break for a season and come back, or simply pick up substitute hours whenever you like.


How BookNook Tutoring Works


The BookNook team creates small student groups and schedules tutoring sessions. Tutors who match the criteria for each series will be alerted via email of a tutoring series offer. Tutors will have 12 hours to accept or decline the offer. Additionally, substitute appointments are available at various times of the day (sometimes even the day of the appointment!). Tutors can login and accept these appointments at any time.


Each tutoring opportunity is a series of 30-40 minute sessions, 2–5 times per week for 8–16 weeks. You’ll work with the same group of 1–4 students throughout the program to provide consistency.


Our tutors generally work between 1.5 to 29.5 hours per week during U.S. daytime hours (8am–8pm EST). Tutors can take on multiple opportunities simultaneously and may experience gaps between programs.


Tutors earn $18-20/hour. We make payments via direct deposit twice per month and provide reimbursements for background check expenses and BookNook Certification time (2.5 hours). As an independent contractor for BookNook, you’ll receive a Form-1099 at the end of each tax year and are responsible for self-employment tax filings with the IRS.


Say Goodbye to Lesson Planning

Our curriculum is created by educators, grounded in research, and 100% ready to teach.

Progress Tracker

Track student progress

Our platform adapts to student performance, presenting lessons at the right level for every group.


Teach thoughtfully crafted curriculum

Every BookNook lesson aligns with state standards.


Keep students engaged

Our curriculum is full of captivating activities and games and designed to keep students excited about learning.

Make a difference for students who need it most!